Our Religious School Director

Janet Jeddah


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Janet Jeddah has worked as a Jewish educator for many years and in many capacities. She was raised and educated in the Conservative movement, both in training and observance. For many years, she was an active participant in the Board of Jewish Education (BJE) and trained in their Teachers’ Institute. She also earned a BS in Education/Speech Pathology-Audiology from SUNY Albany and an MS from Adelphi University.

Janet worked at, and actively belonged to, Midway Jewish Center for many years, and was very fortunate to be a faculty member the year United Synagogue bestowed the School of Excellence Award on their religious school.

For part of this time, she also worked at Plainview Jewish Center where she helped to develop the Tallit and Tefillin Club for the sixth and seventh grade and the Family Centered B’nei Mitzvah Program focused mainly on guiding a family in its study of the Torah portion.  All of these endeavors led up to her receiving the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education, and even two entries in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.  Most importantly, though, these experiences solidified her feelings about how important Jewish education is in shaping us as individuals.

For the last few years, Janet was Education Director at the Oceanside Jewish Center Religious School where she worked to create the same sense of pride and enthusiasm in school, Judaism, Torah, and community that she had experienced all her life.

Janet has always believed that who we are and what we do matters to the world.  Judaism and Torah guide our actions and create our values.  She paraphrases Rabbi Harold Kushner: “Love and goodness matter more than we might have imagined – by being good people, by bringing good people together to form moral communities; this is the key to how we impact this world.”  This is her mission/vision for the HERJC Religious School.