patron_societyThe Harry Kassel Patrons Society represents members of the HERJC community who are dedicated to providing the synagogue with a higher level of financial support. They recognize the meaningful place that HERJC has as the community bedrock for our Jewish experience as our synagogue continues into its sixth decade. Through annual donations, Harry Kassel Patrons Society members, help us to live out our mission to deliver lifelong learning and celebrate our Jewish heritage as a congregation. Over the past 40 years, the Harry Kassel Patrons Society has grown to more than 120 members who inspire our community with their generosity. It is imperative that we continue to build the Harry Kassel Patrons Society to ensure that HERJC will continue to thrive. The members of the Harry Kassel Patrons Society have their names adorned on a special plaque in the synagogue lobby to honor their commitment to our congregation.

The six levels of major gift-giving are as follows:

  • Har Sinai $7200
  • Keter Torah $5000
  • Double Chai Patron $3600
  • Chai Patron $1800
  • Simcha Patron $1000
  • Olim Patron $360

For more information about becoming a member of the Harry Kassel Patrons Society, contact Stephen Moelis, or call office at 516-599-2634.

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