Monday and Thursday7:00AM
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday7:00AM
Sunday & Legal Holidays9:00AM


Monday thru Thursday, Sunday and Legal7:30PM
Friday & Saturday
Varies with Sunset

Religious School Shabbat Experience

Our Religious School Shabbat Experience meets from 10:30AM – 12 Noon every Shabbat during the school year when there is Religious School on Sunday.Religious School Shabbat Experience


Our ritual year begins with our inspiring High Holiday Services. Tickets are an automatic benefit of membership. Seating is open.

Festival Services are held at Pesach, Sukkot, and Shavuot, and often include special guest speakers, youth led and/or musical programs in addition to moving Yizkor memorial services. On Erev Simchat Torah, the congregation sings, dances and parades the Torahs around our building. To usher in Shavuot, we study (and eat cheesecake) late into the night at our annual Tikkun Layl Shavuot. Our annual Chanukah party features lively entertainment, and our Purim festivities include a festive Megillah reading, costume parades, and a wonderful carnival with prizes for all the kids.

Please view the Calendar page of this website for scheduling information.

Schedules can also be found in each issue of Hakol and on line in our weekly emails.