We are blessed to have a dedicated group of people who are devoted to keeping our daily morning and evening Minyans going strong. We are always eager to see new faces at these Minyans, both to insure the presence of the ten people who make up a Minyan, and to provide increased spiritual opportunities to our community.

Daily minyan provides a place for people saying Kaddish after a death or on the occasion of a Yahrzeit. But most importantly, people who attend daily Minyan can gain a greater sense of spirituality and community in their lives.

Evening Minyans can be held in a shiva house, as well. Please contact the Ritual Director below.

Join us:
Monday through Friday mornings at 8:00 AM

Sunday morning at 9:00 AM

Weekday evenings at 7:30 PM

Friday evening at 6:30 PM

Our ritual director, Rena Wolf, is eager to help you and answer your questions. Just join our Zoom Minyan, or get in touch with her at wolfgangmom@yahoo.com or text/call her at 516-581-6800.