It is our goal to provide you and your children with a quality education in a warm, secure, happy, nurturing, and challenging learning environment. Young children are constantly growing and developing. The HERJC staff understands this process and works to meet the goals of each child in all areas of growth and development: cognitive, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional.

Our well-equipped classrooms encourage children to try new experiences which foster their self esteem and increase social skills. Our classroom goals are to enhance literacy through a play-oriented developmentally appropriate environment. Play provides children with opportunities to learn, problem solve, experiment, act out roles and fears, develop social skills, and develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills. These skills are all needed as a foundation to build on in their later school years. By integrating the secular and Judaic aspects of life into our curriculum, children learn to be comfortable and familiar with their own practices. Early warm Jewish memories that encompass Jewish practice help pass the foundation of Judaism from one generation to the next.  We offer a variety of programs at each age level:

Two-Year Olds Program

Children in the two year program come two, three or five days a week for three hours each day.  Through play and hands-on experiences, children will grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively. (DOWNLOAD CURRICULUM)

Three-Year Olds Program

The three-year-olds spend four to five hours a day, three to five days a week in the classroom.  Early readiness skills, as well as motor, cognitive and social skills will be explored. (DOWNLOAD CURRICULUM)

Four-Year Olds Program

The four-year olds spend 5.5 hours a day in school, through play achieving the readiness skills necessary to move them on to the next level in their education. (DOWNLOAD CURRICULUM)

Mommy and Me

Our mommy and me program has been designed to create a fun, age appropriate atmosphere for your little one.  Your child will be exposed to fascinating and new concepts while he/she utilizes all of his/her senses.  Each session is filled with music, song and movement that are all interconnected.

Through the use of manipulatives, crafts and instruments, each child is given the opportunity to improve coordination, motor skills and dexterity; all while bonding with mom or their caregiver.  Jewish concepts, new vocabulary words and texture are a component in each lesson. Every child is truly free to explore and broaden his/her horizons in a safe and secure setting.  Each lesson consists of center time, circle time, music and movement, story time, snack and projects.

Your child is one of a kind, so join us and relax as your child has the opportunity to learn and express themselves in a surrounding that will truly cater to his/her style of learning.  This will be a rich and exciting experience for you both.